Monday, October 8, 2007

Chistmas in October...

yesterday our pastor talked about Christmas.. they are doing a series on organization right now and he said he didn't want to wait until December to talk about holidays it was very good and practical. a lot where things I do but it still good to hear. and it was nice for him to say it is OK to buy presents but it shouldn't be the focus of our holidays.. anyways
a few thoughts:

  1. when it comes to parties that you "have" to go to or are traditions pray about it and ask yourself a. will I be a effective witness or b. will I be pulled down in my walk.... there are so many things we have to go to if we were to actually ask the lord what he wanted us to do instead of what we want or feel obligated to do

  2. go on a diet or watch what you eat now so you can enjoy he holiday foods

  3. try to set a goal to done shopping on Dec. 1st or as close to it as you can so you can enjoy your family an friends in December

  4. figure out your plans ahead of time to avoid scheduling conflicts and stick to them (he spoke about decide before the holiday who house you will spend thanksgiving and Christmas, etc...)

  5. think ahead- be prepared with a few extra gifts, write lists, have extra food etc..

  6. pray for friends/loved ones now if they have had a death in the family in the last 3-4 years it especially hard around the holidays for families who are dealing with there first Christmas, thanksgiving, with out there loved one

  7. pray for your family/ friends that we can minister to now who may not know the lord. the holidays are a great time to talk about the lord and invite people to church

  8. and lastly no one is beyond God's saving grace.... he talked about that family member who would never step in church but re never asked. and if that person were to come and except Christ what a awesome thing that would be and how many others could come to Christ because of that..

so he mentioned more but those were ones I specifically took notes on I love the holidays!

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