Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Christmas is just around the corner!

I can not believe we are fast approaching the end of October, which as all of you know means Christmas is o the horizon. OK I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Everyone who knows me knows I loooooove the holidays. Really I do. but one thing is already lingering in my mind....... what to get the kids?!?!?! I have no idea, you know when I walk in the toy store and target there is not a great selection for boys ages 4-6 and Liz is 9 and doesn't really play with toys any more. so what is a mom to do?
I am trying to cut back on some spending this year by making some gifts. I am sending some homemade gifts to my nieces and sisters, and my mom that I think they will love, along with some yummy treats which I know will be a hit!
Also another great tradition I do every year is have a cookie exchange. I invite a group of ladies over but i only let the first 12 who RSVP come. they each bring 6 dozen cookies, plus half a dozen for tasting and they bring recipes for 12. so the ladies come and have appetizers i have provided and we do a Christmas ornament exchange also, and they leave with 12 different cookies to give out to friends and neighbors, or for holiday parties. now the trick is to do it close to the holidays I am doing mine on the 20Th this year which is a Thursday so the ladies can send a tray with the hubby on Friday or save them for the Holiday weekend. I didn't do my cookie exchange last year because I was too tired fro my pregnancy with Jake so this year I am soooo pumped!

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