Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Tour of Homes 2010

Welcome to our home!

We hope you enjoy looking around and seeing all of Christmas decorations, beware there are lots of pictures in this post. For hundreds of others ideas go to the Nesters or Kelley's

I made this wreath last year, i thought it was a pretty easy project just string ball ornaments on a hanger that you have made in to a circle shape, i bought a new bow for it this year because some of the balls fell off and couldn't be reattached. i still love this wreath.

this is our formal living room, i love this room. it is the first place you see when you come in the our home so i try to keep it pretty together, with 5 kids (3 of whom we home school) that is not always easy.

My tree up close pretty simple and all silver and red

I was having trouble decorating my $40 craiglist find

so i took everything off and started over. i like this much better! i still don't love it but it works for this year maybe i will find something on clearance at the end of the season for next year

this tree is very special to me it is my "ruby tree" i am part of a small yahoo group of wonderful women and every year we have a ornament exchange, most are home made and many represent our interests and talents for that particular year. this tree is in my room next to my bed.

what everyone doesn't have a tree in there room?? we have a total 7 trees around the house

This is a little corner in my kitchen and i love it! i am not big on stuff all over my counters so i only put a few favorite things. i love the little mittens hanging over the top they are probably one of my favorites

This is at my entry way. I just added some red balls to my normal every day bowl.

This is my absolute favorite thing this year! i bought this fruit bowl at Costco and i LOVE it! i just added a bunch of different balls to it and it looks so pretty. That is my favorite thing to do the last couple of years just adding a few or a lot of ornaments to a bowl, vase, etc and it adds a punch of holidays without a huge expense or a big Santa or Snowman in your face (which is totally fine if you love Santa/snowmen but i just didn't want to go that route this year)

unless of course you enter our family room. the kids did all the decorating and this tree is a modge podge of every ornament we have or the kids have made so many fun memories

our basket of books one of our favorite traditions

all the stockings hanging. We have a variety of stockings i obviously wasn't thinking of down the road when i would have 5 kids lol, the kids love them
Speaking of the kids..... Hope enjoyed visiting our home come back soon!
Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. ok i will admit i was too busy looking at those zebra print chairs. They would look great in my house! lol

  2. Beautiful! I think I'm going to knit some stockings for all of us next year. I sewed some two years ago, but now I have someone else to sew for, and not the same fabric. I think it would look ridiculous to have 4 matching and 1 different. Oh well....we'll see.

  3. Nice! I adore your $40 Craigslist, you're my kind of girl, I stay on that site when I'm not out in the thrift stores! Love a good deal!

  4. Everything looks BEAUTIFUL! And I love the one of your kids at the end.

  5. Your home looks so beautiful! I love all the trees, very neat! I also love the christmas book tradition. Your children are adorable, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!!

  6. Hey, I'm a friend of Tara's. Your site is darling! Love the red cabinet. Just add a little greenery and some hard back books in your colors.(Though I still love to have the titles mean something. My quirk) Goodwill on Rosedale have them for 80 cents. Your items look great and it will help soften and add dimension. Most of all love the kids! Too sweet. Looks like your house is FUN! Enjoy!