Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Sorry I haven't been around much other than being busy I have not been feeling well. I have been having some gallbladder issues and I am having it removed on October 19Th so if you all could pray that everything goes OK. I am a little higher risk during surgery because I have had a abdominal surgery so i have a higher risk to have to be opened up again. i have a good surgeon who thinks he can do it laporscopicly with out incident so I pray he can. Also I am VERY anemic, I always have been but they cant seem to get my levels up, so I will have a blood transfusion before surgery. anyhow all that to say I haven't been feeling my greatest so sorry I have been neglecting the blog.

so I will give you a update on the kiddos:

Liz is rocking it at soccer, she is becoming so aggressive. and anyone who knows Liz knows she couldn't hurt a fly she is just too sweet. She is doing great in school, she loves school this year (she loves school period, but especially this year) she has a great teacher and of course we love our school. soccer only has about 4 more weeks and then she will be joining a swim team. She receiving a award at school this week during chapel. she ran for school secretary but did not win but she did run against a 6Th grader and as a 4Th grader she did great!

David is also playing soccer and he is doing really good. he scores so many goals and constantly running. He may be starting swimming too when Liz starts in November. As far as kindergarten goes he is doing really good he loves school. He is adjusting great and I am amazed at how much he has learned already.

Johnathan is not playing soccer you have to be 5 but he tells me all the time " when I am five I can go to kindergarten and soccer right mommy?" Johnathan still loves to sing and he is definitely a otter personality, he is always wanting to be the class clown... but he is doing REALLY good in school! like scary good maybe he is growing out of that difficult stage, can I get a HALLELUJAH?!?!?! Johnathan has a great, fun, and crazy personality

Jake is ADORABLE! He is getting huge, I swear he has to weigh close to 20 pounds already and he will be 4 months on Thursday. He goes for his check up next week. he laughs and squeals now it is so cute. He is recognizing a lot more people and is just such a good baby. Definitely mellow but when he gets mad he gets MAD! good thing that is not often. and Praise the Lord he still sleeps a lot, about 12 hours at night and 2 2-3 naps.

so all in all everyone is doing really well. John is working hard, and enjoying soccer (he loves to watch his kids, he is a AWESOME dad!)

that is it in our house for now. I am trying to make myself remember to blog more often



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