Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I have been busy! Let me tell you I have been busy!!!! I was in Orlando, Florida for 5 days last Wednesday - Sunday... and it was great, OK worshipping with Matt Redman who I already have told you is my absolute favorite christian artist in the world! he was FABULOUS pair that with 5,000+ women and how can you go wrong! OK it was a little hot, who am I kidding it was VERY hot, so stinking hot and it was so humid it took your breath away. but fun none the less, and I learned so much it is amazing how much you can learn when you have no interruptions. did I mention we went to the cracker barrel, oh my that place is heaven to me talk about great sweet tea, us Californians do not get sweet tea at our local establishments, so seriously that is my favorite part about eating in other states. and lastly thank you all who were praying because really i didn't really miss the kids very much, I did miss John a lot, but the kids were all good when I got home and actually acted like I had never left they were like "Hi Mom" and went back to playing, oh they did stop for second to see what I bought them LOL!

we also had our seconds MOPS meeting Monday it went very well. I love MOPS this year, not that I don't every year but this year I really feel so good about the things God is doing in our groups. we have so many cool women.

OK so then after the long weekend and MOPS we took the kids to fair last night! have I mentioned before I really don't like the fair? it is so expensive people $75 just to ride the rides! John was with me and he was like just do it, so we did and they had a great time. and there was hardly any lines, it was fabulous! the kids had fun, oh and I had a funnel cake and the world was great! so now I need to get back to blogging.

oh oh oh did I mention I got a iPod? OK I Love it! I got it yesterday too late for my trip but I will enjoy it all the same. I ordered it on eBay so I got a great deal!!!!
OK for real BYE!


  1. It's high time you posted missy!!! And why are you labeled "David" on the look alike o meter?

  2. How awesome to see Matt Redman. I'm glad mops is going so well, I'm looking forward to this year also.

    What great pictures above :)