Monday, July 16, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Well last weeks menu went great so I am going to post the same way. I like being able to say what sounds good? oh OK I want this! so I am going to post it that way from now on. WW is going great, it is really easy if I plan ahead. I look at my list in the morning and then depending on the point value of dinner I pick higher/ lower point value meals for breakfast and lunch. I am repeating a night because we never had it last week.


cantaloupe 1/2 (2) grapes 1 cup (1)- 3 pts. total

2 eggs (4) , English muffin (2) , butter (1), sf jelly (0)- 7 pts. total

cheerios 1 cup (2) milk 2/3 c. (2), 1 tbls. sugar (1)- 5 points total


pastrami (3), bread (4), pickle spear (0), mustard- 7 points total

salad- lots of veggies, 2 tbls. of ff dressing (0)- o points

bean burrito- beans (3), tortilla (3), 1/2 ounce cheese (1.5)- 7.5 points total

leftovers- points vary


ribs 2 (4), red potatoes 2 (2) w/ green beans (0), w/ bacon (1), butter (2), bread (2), salad (o-)- 11 total points

left over spaghetti - pasta 1 cup (4), meat (3), sauce (2), salad (0), bread 1 slice (2), butter (1)- 12 points total

BLT's- bacon 3 slices (4), bread (4), cheese (2), no mayo, mustard (0), lettuce, tomato (0), cantaloupe and watermelon 1cup (1)- 11 points total

chicken fajitas- chicken 3 ounces (2), peppers,onions, jalapenos (1), tortilla (3), beans 1/2 cup (3), sour cream 1 tbls. (1)- 10

ice cream- our mops group is having moms night out so this will be dinner- i tried to figure out my favorite ice cream sundae came out to 12-14 points depending on the nuts, i will eat about 2/3 of it, I think i will still count the points the same though to be on the safe side

birthday dinner- Friday is my 4 year old's birthday so he will pic what we have or if we eat here oh go grab something

that's it for this week-

for more great menu ideas visit Laura's blog


  1. Happy Early Birthday to your little man!!! Your menu sounds good. Have fun on your girls night out.

  2. Great menu, thanks for sharing!!!