Thursday, July 19, 2007

summer TV.....

tends to be ummmm a little lame! I like to watch TV as I sit on my laptop and read emails, blog, and look at recipes or what have you. well my choices for TV I was thinking were going to be less than appealing, but I have seemed to find a few keepers. now if you have read my blog before you know I love me some reality TV, I heart reality TV. not the dating shows but things like survivor, amazing race, and Americas next top model. oh yes people I know I have some decadent taste in my TV shows. now I also like a good morning talk show, The View , Regis and Kelly, and Oprah. OK so back to summer. have you all watched Big Brother? love it! OK so my favorites, evil, and Eric, but i do not like Kale, and Danielle, in case you were wondering so in case you are looking for something to watch here are a few of my favorites that are not on rerun

  1. the view

  2. live with Regis and Kelly

  3. big brother

  4. top chef

  5. hells kitchen

  6. house hunter

  7. Detroit/Dallas/Kansas city swat

  8. the next food network star

  9. baby story- I know you are only supposed to watch this while you are prego but I love it!

  10. anything having to do with families of lots of kids like on discovery and TLC

just in case you needed some TV choices....

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