Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weekend update

I realize its Wednesday but I wanted to catch up after a busy but fun 4th of July weekend! Friday we had our monthly dinner for my side of the family , it was the first one since our pool has been done so it was especially fun we swam and ate then floated in the pool and watched a movie!

Normallly for the 4th we go to a friends house, wehave done this for the last 3-5 years but this year we decided to stay home. It's so hard going places when Cole goes to bed about 7:30 just makes for a long night for him and us....

I ran to the farmenrs market earlier that day and there was some great deals to be had it was great! 

John's parents, sister and nieces/nephews came over that evening and we swam, BBQ, did fireworks, we were able to see the big firework show from our street too so that was perfect! We even watched Annie {new one} while the kids floated in the pool! I love having the outdoor projector so fun for nights like these

I would say it was a wonderful night for everyone =)

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