Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend recap

I am so excited I am recapping our weekend and its still Monday =) Friday we went to sams club for a few things like diapers mainly... The kids ate lunch there 

Jake finished a week of basketball camp, this is his second year and he loves it. So funny how kids end up loving specific sports and activities. Jake is obsessed with basketball, obsessed I tell you

Friday nights Lilly and Liz have there sleepover parties as Lilly calls them! She loves to sleep with Liz and with Liz working all summer and lonnnng hours I only let her sleep with Liz on Fridays or Saturday

Saturday I took the girls for mani/pedis it was so fun! I had some GC's from mothers day so I treated the girls

We go to church on Saturday nights our church has been doing this for a few years and we LOVE it! After church we had a family swim and then roasted marshmallows and made smores it was a fun time!

Sunday the baby and I went to the mall for a few things and returns I love this boy so much!

when I got home John had put up our swim security fence up yay! I started working on a few areas and I am LOVING how the yard is looking. We decided to do grass seed instead of sod to save money it take patience but it seems to be starting to grow in YAY! I love this little corner I got these chairs on clearance from target a few weeks ago, and the throw pillows too. I bought some spray from Lowes that you can spray on fabric to make them weather proof so awesome!!! I also made these umbrella holders myself so proud of that =)

looking good!

it was a long day, this guy crashed before 7

oh and here a pic of my cute nails =)
have a good week guys!

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