Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Hey everyone, anyone out there still? I have taken a lonnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg blogging break, i know a LONG one! I actually didn't break completely the last few months i have been writing on a private blog just to see if i could be consistent with blogging before coming back. I did it i wrote 2-3 times a week just like i hoped to do here so i think its safe to come back =) i haven't updated here in a year and a half so here is a little update to what we have been doing:

  1. Cole is almost 2 =( he is SO adorable i promise he is a CUTIE i love him so
  2. We found a house in our top schools districts and we love it
  3. we have the BEST neighbors God is so good we hated leaving our old neighbors but these ones are pretty great too.
  4. Our oldest is 17 and drives like a real car {truck} she is also working a ton right now she is a swim instructor and life guard. Next year she is going to be a senior and we have begun looking at colleges =( 
  5. The other kids are doing great David is almost 13 and will be in 8th grade, Johnathan almost 12 and 7th grade, Jake 8 3rd grade, Lilly 5 kindergarten and Cole almost 2 
  6. Johnathan our {almost} 12 year old has been diagnosed with aspergers and that has been a long interesting road I will share more later
  7. John is still working away to keep us all fed and dressed I love him
  8. We just built a pool {finally finished last week} so now we are working on the yard
  9. our home is fun i have a lot of projects going on I will show you soon!
  10. I LOVE IG https://instagram.com/steele_family8/ I also have a second one where I post food/recipes its foodmom6 if you want to follow with either
  11. Our lives are full and we wouldn't have it any other way I hope you are here to see us grow. my tentative plan is to post on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for sure and any extras I see fit as usual it will all be eclectic posting from mothering to decorating and everything in between =) Here are a few pics off my phone I can update with 

my Liz 17 going to be a senior in high school

Lilly with her daisy cat 

my boys when Liz and I took them shopping for shoes which turned into prom shopping for liz =)

Johnnie.. the beard is gone PTL!

Lilly and I 

all the littles minus Liz

my sweet baby

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