Monday, November 11, 2013

Seems like

I am constantly updating this blog with good intentions =) I do have them, but unfortunately my busy life takes over sometimes {read holding the baby, or driving} . The baby is finally sleeping wonderful, like 11-12 hours at night! He also take a good 4 +/- hour nap in the day plus a few smaller naps, say he is a rock star i am LOVING having a baby again he is so cuddly he fills my heart with so much joy.

We sold our house almost a year ago and we have been renting since we have been looking again to buy and houses are selling SO quickly its crazy. i hate making big decisions so quickly on big things. We have put about 3-4 offers and haven't got any of them... oh well! we found a house yesterday we LOVE i am praying the doors open and we get it i told John if i can picture my Christmas tree there you better believe i love it ha! We have been married almost 16 years and have lived in a apartment, our first house, 2 rentals, our last house and now a rental again we have lived in our first house which we brought our first 4 kids home to and that was a 954 sq foot house, to our last house which was 3500 sq feet i have come to decide i like a smaller house. OK by smaller i am thinking about 2500 sq feet is good for our family, we really don't want to move again for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time so i don't want something to big so as the kids start leaving it will be too big for us, but on the other hand we will still have kids home for over 18 years! Anyways just praying that God leads us to the right home for our family, in our BUDGET which is pretty small for this area of town and our size family but we will find something i know it =)

That's about it around here well her is a little more with some pics from the last month!

pumpkin bread with cream cheese frosting yummo!

Let the boys miss school for a MOPS playdate at the pumpkin patch!

Love this baby!

volleyball season is over Liz's team was GREAT this year they never lost a game not even in a tournament if i had to guess i would say they were 22-0 they never even play a 3rd game in a match they always won in 2 games! She had the BEST coach, she was wonderful and the team played SO good together

Liz's friend Hannah makes the best signs for all their friends! This one was one of my favorites

did a youtube cookbook tour, i had to do it in 2 parts because it was too long! Do you all watch youtube videos? I LOVE them and have been watching a lot lately!

I signed up for a online art class on skillshare have you guys heard of this site? Very cool! I paid $6 to take a hand lettering class, here is a link if you are interested in

last night we made breakfast for dinner always a favorite around here, we made pioneer woman's biscuit recipe that was fun =)

how are you all doing? getting ready for the holidays? i am excited i love this time of year!

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