Saturday, July 6, 2013

more summer fun....

I am kind of skipping all over the place in posts because my posts got set to draft so i am just deleting some and posting some.

the 3 older kids went to church camp the second week of summer and so it was the little kids and i most of the week and we had so much fun

i LOVE this dress! i want one and so does liz haha!

this was the day before all the kids left for camp they were getting along so well =)

i took Lilly and Jake to Santa Barbara for the day my friend Morgan and her daughter came with us and we had a great time we went to the zoo and rode the train and looked at animal then spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach perfect weather perfect trip!

not sure what Jake is doing in this picture... boys!

we did lots of craft and i drank lots of caffine

oh and last week or the week before i cant remember i had a yard sale i had been throwing stuff in the garage thinking a yard sale sounded really good to make some cash for our beach trip so the day before i got the stuff out of piles and bags and on some long tables pulled everything out in the morning and sat out there for approximately 1 hour and then i was over it i made a $150 in that hour i was happy with that and had the kids load everything up we took it to goodwill and went for doughnuts =) i got rid of a ton of stuff in the house, now have a clean garage and made some cash pretty good if you ask me

the next day i took the kids to see monsters university well 4 of them 1 got in trouble so he and John had to stay home being a parent is tough sometimes... 

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