Sunday, July 7, 2013

very random!

I am in love with this bag at target i want this and/or the black and white one i cant bring myself to buy it because
a. where do i go that i would justify buying this bag for
b. it is $34.99 and that seems steep for something i wont use everyday....
but gosh it is SO cute!!!

my family is obsessed with despicable me we tried to go see it but it was sold out. i personally do not love kids movies but i have been saving our Christmas gift cards since Christmas for the summer releases so now i am in kid movie hell haha! but Liz would probably wear these nails

3d ultrasounds trip me out but i am in love with this baby boy already which his name is still up for debate depending on the day and who you ask =)

i LOVE cucumber with lemon, salt and Cajun salt ummm YUM! could eat them everyday!

we had a family dinner last week it was OS delicious my family are the best cooks around!

so much love!!! Liz and i didn't get in this day but John has been swimming lots with the kids thank God for him

Texas sheet cake i am not big on dessert this pregnancy but this was pretty bomb!


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