Friday, July 5, 2013

well well well

i just decided to check on the ol blog because lately i have been using my blogger app well..... as i looked i realized my last 12 posts have all went to drafts grrrrrrrrrrrrrr than you very much blogger for making my life crazier when i was trying to stay caught up =) oh well so i will ditch most of the drafts they don't matter anymore and just post a few update sound good? mmmkay....

this girl! she makes my heart so full and she is 100% a spitting image of her mother in personality =) oh man we may have some fun years ahead

well looky here Johnathan let me take a picture of him and he is smiling, it is so hard to get my big boys to cooperate in pictures the last year or so. We play lots of legos around these parts they are pretty much the one toy i don't ever throw away 

pregnancy does weird things like make you want food you wouldn't normally love and John and i took a last little couples getaway before baby gets here to of course Las Vegas and i wanted Chinese so bad we ate at this restaurant in the Mirage called Fin and it was the BEAST Chinese food i have ever had oh my word i want to go back right now! we had a great trip we watched 2 shows, ate wonderful food, relaxed and gamble...... perfect trip!

this boy so sweet in his new glasses (which are already loose so i need ot buy a glass repair kit) 

we have been doing lots of indoor stuff painting, play dough, legos, TV/movies because it is so freaking hot just thinking of going outside makes me grumpy!

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