Thursday, April 25, 2013

real life

i have 5 kids and a 6th on the way. The season i am in {pregnant, toddlers, school age, preteen, teen/high school} is tough. some days i feel like i am in a losing battle there isn't one day that goes by that i am not at my wits end at some point. i know being a mom is tough and when it comes to blogging i have all these posts in my head (and several drafts started) that i just haven't got to i keep telling myself tomorrow you will make time to write, tomorrow you will wake up joyful and go to bed with a smile on your face sure i strive for that of course but it doesn't always help...

i love my life i really do i am so blessed and i know there are women out there who would give there arm to be in my shoes i get it, but there are some days that are really really long days where i wake up late and go to bed praying fervently for my kids and some of the things they are going through. i am thankful my hubby is a rock and my biggest cheerleader we are a good team, he helps me calm down and reminds me its OK . we are in the trenches so to speak when it comes to parenting but it is nice i am not alone. Thanks for listening =).... i hold onto this verse a lot of days i love it

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  1. Oh, Raquel, I just wrote a similar post and then saw yours. I feel you friend! You are doing such a good job at being a mommy to your kids!