Monday, April 29, 2013

Dave Ramsey

I bought the book last year, they are in a drawer in my room waiting to be read. 

i have looked as to when the classes were in my area they never worked out...

until now!

last month the church i attend mops at had a special speaker just for a few minutes to introduce the financial peace class that they were getting ready to offer and it was going to be on Sunday nights and they were going to offer childcare PRAISE the LORD hallelujah!!!! i signed us up that day!

So we have been going and last week we finished week 4 of 9 and i LOVE it! John and i spent 7 hours this weekend going through our expenses so we could set a budget for may and we did it! i cant wait to get paid Friday and gety our cash for our envelopes how exciting!! I know it is going to be tough at times and we will mess up but i am so excited to have control over our money instead of the other way around.

i am SO glad we did this before we purchase another home, sitting down and assigning every penny a place made us realize how much we spend on our rent and after that and utilities and how very little is left after those things. and how when we do buy another house we don't want it to own us so that may mean we buy something smaller than what most people think we need for a family of almost 8 (we will have 8 when we buy a house) and it may not be a move in ready dream house but it will be affordable (although we are not buying a house like our last one where we have to redo every single inch haha).

We don't have much debt thank God but we have my car payment and a few medical bills to take care of. i hope i wont have a car payment after this ever again, this is the first time i have had a car payment and i hate it! So i am thinking about documenting here on the blog our progress with spending specifically on groceries/ household budget because that always interests me when i see posts on that. Not sure if i will do that on Fridays or Mondays but most likely one of those days because i tend to go to the grocery stores those days.

have you done the financial peace classes? or read the Dave Ramsey books? do you all love him as much as i do?

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