Monday, May 6, 2013

Groceries, budgets and what have you....

So i thought i would be totally open and honest here on the blog. i know i told you last week we started the Dave Ramsey class and we sat down and went through our spending and set a budget for the month of may. so i thought i would share here on the blog. 
there are 7 of us 2 adults, a teen (who swims a ton and eats as much as a adult), boys ages 10,9, and almost 6 they are all hearty eaters especially my 10 year old he eats like a adult., and Lilly is 3 she doesn't eat a lot at meal times but she eats often through the day. so for our family we set a budget of $800 for the month of May and $95 for household needs. So $895 should be totally doable i think, it does have to include any eating out which we have cut drastically we will probably do 1-2 times out on the cheap and maybe order pizza once that is kind of my thoughts but we will see...

John went to Costco for somethings he needed for a BBQ at church so i had him get my list for me which saves a TON of money because he sticks to the list exactly unlike me he spent $67. ground beef, bread, watermelon, cantaloupes, milk, cleaning wipes, eggs and avocados. those are pretty much Costco staples for me the prices are good and we don't buy meat anywhere else.

I had went to Costco the day or 2 before for chicken (our freezer and fridge went out 2 weeks ago and all of our meat had to be thrown out so i had to start the month with buying ground beef and chicken normally i buy one each time i go anyway) that day i got chicken, bread for sandwiches (kids lunches), cheese, cumin, avocados (i eat a lot of avocado lately and the ones John got were hard so i don't have to go back next week haha!), a can of tomatoes for salsa and pecans (most mornings i eat a handful of pecans, cottage cheese and tomato for breakfast the bag lasts me a long time i bought the one before in December) i spent $55 this time which i thought was great!

So far for the month i am at 
$122. I will need to go probably at the end of this week for a few other things but this is a great start to the month for me. 

Since moving we spend a lot more on groceries. My kids previously went to a school where all kids ate breakfast free and lunch was $0.40 a day so $1.20 a day fed my 3 boys breakfast and lunch the school they attend now they eat breakfast at home and pack lunch we buy a TON of bread, milk, cheese, peanut butter, and i seem to buy a lot of packaged things like yogurts, pudding, fruit snacks, chips etc. i know not the best choices but i am not sure what else to pack that i know they will eat what do you all send in lunches? 


  1. I just ran across your blog. I have never read it before so I don't know where about you live. I live in Cali (specifically the Bay Area) and ppl here are super picky about what they give their kids for lunch. Super health freaks. 2 days a week my sister and I drip lunch off for our kids at their schools around lunch time which allows us to bring them hot lunches. Sometimes spaghetti or soup or rice bowls. We do a lot of PB & Js and turkey and Havarti sandwiches. Sliced apples oranges bananas.

  2. Sorry I got cut off. I'll do yogurt or apple sauce too. Wednesday is 1/2 day so we eat at home or go out for something after school. They also usually get a treat but not just any old candy bar it's usually something high quality and they might get one or two pieces. My kids love jicama too.

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