Thursday, February 7, 2013

Another week

** this should have posted last week weird!

This pregnancy is a little different then my others  hardly anything sounds good but when it does and it doesn't make me sick i eat it all day for example:
a blt sounded good so i had one for breakfast lunch and dinner it was delicious. but now yuck! 

another day it was hot dogs, OK weird because i RARELY will eat a hot dog. in my defense i buy good hot dogs not totally cheap nasty ones but still =)  and that day it had to have mustard, ketchup and sweet relish =)

Lilly and i do this A LOT lay on the couch and watch cartoons

have you seen this show? ohmmmmmgeeeeeee i love. i don't watch TV much at all i usually read instead but my head has been killing me this pregnancy and i cant wear my glasses so i have watched a lot of tv. anyway this show addicting!!!

isn't my daughter beautiful? she went to her first formal last week she had a great time

that's it around here not much to post when you lay on the couch most of the day =) 

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  1. she is beautiful!

    i remember laying on the couch all day while preggo too. and eating anything that sounded remotely appetizing.