Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sweet surprises

Well I haven't been around as much as I hoped. I have been kind of holed up at home in my bed. We found out a couple of days before Christmas that we are having a baby! For me: pregnancy = exhaustion. I sleep as much as I can and if I am not asleep I am probably laying on the couch contemplating throwing up or napping it is lovely I know. But I know it all leads to a baby so I can deal with it it's only 31 more weeks right :) here are some pics from my phone I have taken recently:

Well thanks iphone this picture wasn't upside down in my phone and i cant rotate it know weird but you get the jist. i heard the baby's heart beat amazing!!!

i live off hot tea, only lipton with sugar added its the only thing i love right now

we walk Jake to the bus stop everyday, and everyday Lilly asks if she is almost 5 so she can ride the bus

my couch blanket John's great aunt made it i love it! that is Lilly's "kitty" her name is kitty original i know

we color, draw, play blocks, watch TV whatever we have to do so i dont have to leave the house. i am becoming a hermit...

my favorite place on earth right now... my bed.

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