Thursday, October 18, 2012

Big Announcement

I know i told you all back in the summer that we put our house up for sale, well about 3 weeks ago we decided to take it off we weren't getting any offers with the amount we needed so we just decided to take a break, redo the bathrooms over the winter (yes more redo's sigh...) and low and behold we got a offer AFTER we took it off, for our asking price! craziness.... we took it we are in escrow now (i think i am not sure how it all works) we should be closing the week after Thanksgiving yes moving and decorating for Christmas all at once CRAZY i tell ya. We are so excited for the next few months it is a HUGE answer to prayer because we live so far from all the activities we do. I am praying everything goes through smoothly and i am very excited because the family seems to love our home as much as we do YAY! so stay tuned for updates on the house and where we move and lots of fun posts about decorating a new home yayyayayay!


  1. Congrats. I have sold a house, I know how stress full it can be. And how happy you are when it sells.