Friday, October 19, 2012

Fill in the blank Friday!

You all know i love this linky party so i had to participate, to read many more go here

1.  One thing I plan on doing to relax this weekend is   having my family over for a long over due family dinner, going to my nephews football game, church .

2.  A big pet peeve of mine is  when people say they are going to do something or go somewhere and they flake. Also slow drivers in the fast lane, and when you go through a drive thru and the cashier asks if you can pull out to the front of the restaurant and they will bring the food to you i seriously cant stand that and i usually say no .

3.  I am really loving   that our house finally sold, that we will be moving closer to all of our activities, that football is almost over.

4. The rain is    wonderful! probably because we rarely get it around here =).

5. My favorite girly indulgence is   lipstick or really any makeup i LOVE sephora and  target beauty isles i could spend a was there!

6. A song I always get stuck in my head is  
 Anything by Matt Redman, and right now "good morning" by Mandisa and "Losing" by tenth avenue north my daughter and i listen to those every morning on the way to the bus stop.

7.  The best cure for stress is  Going on vacation =) wish i could go more often.


  1. Ahh, a vacation sounds nice! Where would want to go? I think a winter NYC trip would be lovely!

  2. Pulling over and waiting at the drive thru - I had that yesterday - the girl gave me my order, asked me to check it was correct and that she'd come back to check after she'd been to the second car. She didn't come back and I decided I wasn't going to wait any longer I was hungry!

    It bugs me too - sometimes I get it might be needed (like if I order something that is made to order) but at the same time it's your job to make sure someone is making it between me ordering at the speakerphone thingie and the second screen when I'm collecting my order and given the time it took to be served at the payment window you'd think there was time!

    Sorry will quit ranting!