Monday, April 30, 2012


Friday night Johnnie went to a mens 24 hour retreat with our church and i couldn't sleep =) soooo i got up early Saturday morning and ended up going to some yard sales. I only went to 3-4 but i got some great new {to me} things! Do you like going to yard sales?

one of the sales i went to was a church down the road from my house and i found this great dresser! It is made so nicely and is sturdy! 

Saturday evening we went to a fun birthday for our friend and we had a nice time!
i slept great after not sleeping but 4 hours the night before

Sunday we got up and got a bunch of inside and outside chores done
and since it was warm the kids got in the pool for the first time this year

Lilly is a ham! and obsessed with our pool. I am so nervous, John even had to go to Lowes tonight and bought 3 padlocks so we can lock all of our gates because she was trying to get a chair to the gate to open the latch today!

The kids had a blast except for Johnathan who cried because we made him get IN the pool lol. David had a blast!

Liz is great in the pool and by far the best swimmer in our house so Lilly loved jumping to her!

The greatest part of my weekend was my friend Teri who is traveling the US in a RV for a year (how cool right?!) is here in town for a week and we got together for lunch and she taught Liz and i how to make soap!
Teri is the sweetest person and we have had the greatest time visiting with her and her hubby David!!

Isn't the soap so pretty?!

We took them to a local ice cream parlor and they loved it! (so do we lol)

and when we got back to our house Teri brought out the hula hoops and the kids had a great time playing!
Jake loves Teri!

seriously so fun!

we are loving having them visiting our family!

what did you do this weekend?
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