Thursday, May 10, 2012


So i didn't disappear and i have not been hiding under a rock i have been reading.... Quick background, last week at volleyball there was  a mom so in to a book she was reading her daughter came over and asked a question and she was like "honey i am reading i am not watching you" so i was curious and she told me the name of the book i vaguely had heard of it but knew no details. So the next time at volleyball her and her friend were talking about it and kept going on and on so i asked again and bought the book on my kindle. Well i started said book on Friday evening at about 7 and i read ALL night, literally i slept for 20 minutes before i had to get up for a yard sale i was having, i continued to read all weekend until i finished all 3 books by Monday. Now i am not one to write book reviews, i don't even really even hardly read fiction. and by no means do i feel as though i would normally even recommend a book of this genre, however once i started telling a few friends they were either intrigued or already reading it too! The story is so well written and you really have to read all 3 books not just the first, honestly the first one was the hardest for me lots of foul language lots of "activity" going on and totally a shock to this mom of 5 but i kept reading and i LOVED it. I actually started reading them again already, i NEVER reread books ladies.

I am sure you all know what book i am speaking of, so let me know have you read it? what did you think? Are you sad the story is over for now? i wanted to slow down reading so it would not end but i was dying to know what happened.

my favorite part of all the books were the emails exchanged between Anastasia and Christian. i have a ton more opinions on the book but i want to hear from you guys first!


  1. I have just read the first book. Yah the "activity" is just a tad much. LOL
    I am curious to find out what the deal is with Mr. Grey. He is extremely flawed that is for certain. I like the e-mails too. I think we learn more from their e-mails than their interactions.

    I am on my way to buy book two. " )

    Take Care

    1. so how did you like the other 2?