Thursday, December 8, 2011

Don't just pin it {day 5}

Hi everyone! Welcome back for day 5 of our week of creating Christmas! 
today i wanted to talk about my favorite item to decorate for Christmas, Christmas bulbs/ornaments! every year after Christmas i buy some new ornaments last year i got 2 big packs at Walmart for a dime a box, i repeat a DIME! crazy huh?! but they stock so many of those and they have to get rid of them right?
anyway bulbs are always good because you can pile them in bowls, baskets, lantern, bird cages, really anything would work.

 I love the bowl in the picture below, my favorite are the clear glass ones. We made those as a mops craft a couple of years ago you just take strips of Christmas scrapbook paper and accordion fold it and stick it in there and put the cap back on, you could do any colors and it would look fabulous, you could even shred the paper, or whole punch it anything really.

Here are some cute ornaments in a apothecary jar i love these i would love to have a whole collection but they are not very inexpensive and i am cheap HA!i just take my favorite glass mitten ornament and put them around the handle and i love this look! oh and i love to display books as decor

here is a ornament i made for a ornament exchange i just cut my initial out (i used cardstock) and laminated it, punched a whole on top and put some ribbon threw the top i used a 1/2 inch zebra ribbon and some black hemp , then i used three little diamond embellishments super simple super cute =)

i have a lot of reds and silvers, this year i am going to be looking for gold because i really want to use gold next year. you can pile all kinds of colors together i kind of like to break color rules i think if you like the colors own it and try it you may be surprised or at least use my favorite decorate saying "fake it till you make it" haha!

oh and for my recipe i had something planned BUT i tried something new tonight that was SO good and i will be making it over and over so i want to share it with you, its great for the holidays, this is my favorite blog so its appropriate that i link this blog =)

 Creating Christmas at The Girl Creative

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  2. I love to decorate with books too :) When I'm using them for decorations I do indeed judge a book by its cover :) TFS :)