Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dont just pin it {day 4}

here we are day 4 already?! I am loving this series of posts we get to share some fun projects. I am going to add a recipe that is tried and true here in our home each day along with the project, a big part of the Holidays is food and i love to get recipes that people have made and love.

 this entry way decor is super simple and you probably have most of the items.

all i did was take some of that mesh ribbon i keep mentioning and wrapped it around some chritmas garland with white lights and weaved it around my entry shelf and added some red bulbs to the silver ones i already had in that metal bowl (i bought that bowl a few years ago at goodwill for like $2 it is super heavy and was orignally off white so i just sparyed it black easy peasy)

Holiday Monkey Bread
(really it is not only for the holidays but we only make it then HA)
*4 pack of biscuits (i use Pillsbury ones that come in a pack of 4 and are always the cheapest ones, no grands needed)
*1 cup of sugar
* couple table spoons of cinamon (totally guessing on that haha)
*stick of butter
*cup of brown sugar

preheat oven to 350 degrees
  1. place brown sugar and cinnamon into a big bowl and mix it up
  2. cut all 4 packs of biscuits up, each biscuit cut into quarters
  3. throw all of those in the bowl and mix it up with the sugar mixture
  4. while that is sitting there melt your butter then add the brown sugar and mix it up
  5. in a bundt pan spray first with Pam then toss in your pecans (chopped or not up to you) 
  6. then the brown sugar/butter mixture
  7. then add in the biscuits (i use a slotted soon so the excess sugar can come off) 
  8. then put in a preheated oven (350) for about 45 or until biscuits are golden brown 
  9. let sit for a few minutes then invert on a plate or cake stand then pull apart to eat

i make this every year on Thanksgiving and my 9 year old says it is one of his favorite things about the holidays 
oh you can omit the nuts but why would you :) 
see ya all tomorrow

 Creating Christmas at The Girl Creative

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  1. Your mantle is gorgeous and that bread looks so yummy! Happy to be co-hosting with you! Newest follower :)