Friday, December 9, 2011

Don't just pin it {day 6}

**apparently my auto post was scheduled for 6pm tonight not this morning ooops =)

Here are some shelves in my kitchen/dining room that i put up last year to add some color and display my favoirite cookbooks but sometimes it just ends up cluttered.

so last night i took everything off and tried to simplify it for Christmas 

first i put a few things i knew i wanted on there then started thinking

i took some 12x12 frames and just added a pice of christmas scrapbook paper to put against the wall for a break in color

then i took some more mason jars (hey i had a ton) and added epson salt and some pieces from a long piece of garland i had that broke and sprinkled that on top 

thats it super easy and much better right?

that campbells soup recipe organzier is special to me my mom gave it to me when i was first married and it has a bbunch of recipes she wrote out for me

 I really stink at indoor pictues and lighting any tips on that?

see you all tomorrow one more day to go, this has been so fun!

tomorrow is our linky party so come back here (or any of the particapating blogs) and link up!

 Creating Christmas at The Girl Creative

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  1. Love the focus and simplicity! I found you at Domestic Mischief's link up. Well done and Merry Christmas!!

  2. I love the mason jars. I have a small window shelf in my kitchen. I had no idea what to put there since it's so narrow. Now I do. Thanks