Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dont just pin it {day 3)

Hi again welcome to day 3.
Every year I spend a little cash freshening up some of my Christmas decor, it may be buying some new ornaments, candles, ribbon etc etc. Well this year i wanted it to be my kitchen table. I bought this world market table on craigslist about 3.5 years ago i love it, it fits us all well but i never know how to decorate it for the holidays because we do have 5 kids and this table gets used daily.

Yesterday after church i went to Michaels and the dollar tree for a few things. while at the store i changed my mind a million times on the direction i wanted to go in but decided to keep it simple

I went into the school room and collected some things i thought may come in handy

I started messing with the things i had and purchased.
I decided to take some mason jars i already had and tie some burlap around them. i added some Epson salt and a tealight and voila super easy and cute

In the larger jars i added some scented pine cones and berries and tied with burlap also

Just layered them together on a piece of the burlap (this came in a roll at Michaels and was $4.99 and it was plenty for all my ideas )

I took some old food jars (these were like olives or something) and hot glued cinamon sticks to them and tied with... you guessed it more burlap =)

I love this look

I think i am going to add some more jars on that window seal oh sorry thinking out loud..
I added that little tree ($6.99 at Michaels and 50% off!) i think it is a perfect height for everything else

here it is lit up at night. i think my daughters pacifier and hand in the corner add to the picture don't
 you < sigh >

well I am feeling good I am caught up on my days, are you crafting this holiday season? I think tomorrow I will post some recipes, because who doesn't want to cook up something yummy
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  1. Looks great and I totally love that table!
    co-host and new follower!

  2. This is just lovely, nicely done! Love the cinnamon stick candles!