Thursday, October 6, 2011

Real Life

This was my kitchen and dining room last week after dinner, i took a few pictures to post on the blog to show you a glimpse of our daily life. sometimes it is a little messy and things are out of place. Everything seems to collect on that kitchen counter. i think that night we had dinner then John rushed off to cub scouts and football with the boys.

Our kids (big ones) are each involved in activities and our nights are quickly booked up. It is a busy season and it doesn't look to really be slowing down, i have to be OK with that its the fun of having a big family right =)))

Our calendar gets full quickly and things start to overlap.

But before you know it everything is cleaned up and back to normal

and the calendar looks a little clearer. the key for me is to be prepared to keep everything on the calendar and the house in order when things in my house are messy and disarray it makes me anxious and tense (and mean) so if we even set the timer and clean for like 15 minutes a lot can get done around here
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