Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just some random

I made some of these mini pineapple upside down cakes for my neighbors. Mr. Jones was so nice and he fixed our AC when it broke a few weeks ago (it was still 100 degrees!!) So thankful for good neighbors and a AC unit still under warranty ;)

I got a new haircut and color, i love it

My friend makes these amazing headbands i LOVE it i want to buy several more here is her FB page if you want to check them out

Jake cuddles with me almost every single morning when he wakes up, I love that boy
Lilly never sits still, she has to always be busy (or she makes messes)

Jake, Lilly and I colored the other day i haven't done that in a while it was kind of fun =)

Jake was proud of his artwork

and promptly asked me to post it on our "art wall"
i have this huge empty wall in our hall way and so it is now our art wall. it actually is perfect because it is on the kids side of the house.
How do you display your kids art?
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