Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to school

I know many kids started school today, not us we have been at it for 3 weeks now.
I am just getting around to posting about that though
We have been SO busy. I know i keep saying that but its TRUE i keep thinking next week will ease up then we add something else or replace something i should say =)
so here is a post to let you know we are still alive and breathing, happy healthy and productive but still busy and i know i still have lots to talk about... soon!

OK this is craziness! when did Jake get old enough to go to school?!!!
truth is he is 4 now (did i ever post about his bday? or any of the boys for that matter? )
oh well moving on
Jake is 4 and started preschool.
i was very anxious about this, you see Jake is my buddy. I mean i love all these kids but he and I are tight. John i think was a little worried too, for me. Jake on the other hand could not WAIT to start preschool he kept talking about it alllllll summer. so he is loving it, and honestly i am loving it too. He has become such a big kid in just a few weeks he is having like real conversations with me and everything it is really cool (in a sad way)

so this is first official school picture.

Johnathan started 3rd grade and he loves school! His teacher has been great to him and he seems to be challenged a bit, which for Johnathan is always good since he gets bored quickly.
Johnathan's activities this year will include cub scouts, i am hoping to either get him into some sort of music lessons if that doesn't work maybe chess or karate. later this year he will play basketball again. Johnathan is really bright and a little rambunctious, he is so funny and a picky eater...

David started 4Th grade {?!!!}
he loves it
David is a funny kid a bit bashful but cool at the same time. People are generally attracted to him and he has a lot of friends. He is going through a bit of a bossy stage especially towards his sister and brother. David is very conscious of clothing and how in style he can be (lord help me!) David is playing his first year of tackle football but is loving it, he is also doing cub scouts. Later this year he will play basketball also. David has had a major growth spurt since he turned 9 and has a hollow leg i am thinking because he eats like a full grown man, he is not picky at all except he does not like boxed food at all.

Jake turned 4 earlier this summer and started preschool. He is SOOO funny, he is constantly cracking us all up with his funny voices and sayings. He loves to pray over dinner and is generally interested in God today he told me he loved me and i asked why and he said because you taught me about God then he licked his sisters face roflolol... Jake is a little head strong and he likes things his way, he loves to cuddle still which i love. Jake does no activities other than school. I am generally not a fan of preschool activities for the most part because I think kids need time to play and have fun and why stress myself out taking him to any kids of lesson when they could really care less. If i found something i new he would love i may consider it but as of now 3 kids in various activities is enough. Jake loves food, he eats a lot right now and is not too picky but has his moments. He likes anything computer related especially the DS.

My boys are a fun bunch and a lot of work but we love being there parents we truly are blessed to have 3 healthy active boys....
I will update Liz in a few days because we just started her homeschooling today =)

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