Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where has the time gone!

I can not believe Lilly is TWO today!

she was such a sweet cuddly baby and now she is still a sweet cuddly little girl.

Seriously I miss these days so much of just watching her sleep and holding her close. Now she is like a tornado on most days lol

Here are some facts about Lilly Bean
  • she wears a 4or 5 T in clothes and a 8 shoes! yes she is a tall solid girl
  • she loves to go places, and if i leave she freaks out if she is staying home
  • she no longer sleeps in a crib she learned how to get out
  • she loves waffles, cheese, cereal, and bread of all kinds
  • we took a day earlier this week to start potty training it didn't go great we will try again soon
  • she loves church, mops, bible study, but she loves when i pick her up at the end
  • she gives great hugs she pats your back it is the sweetest thing EVER
  • her favorite show is blues clues and bubble guppies she will watch them for a few minutes without interruption but she is not big on sitting
  • she LOVES to color, especially with markers
  • Lilly loves Liz, she calls her mommy too lol, usually when i get on to her about something
  • she is finally starting to use more words her best ones mommy, daddy, David, Nana, color, blocks, bow
  • she loves dressing up already and she asks for a bow in her hair now YAY
so many other things to talk about but i could go on until she is 3. Lilly Grace is a joy in our lives i could not imagine a day without her. We love you Lilly happy birthday

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