Thursday, August 25, 2011


sorry for the long absence. I don’t really know where to start right now. I have a lot of things to do and not sure what to tackle first. This was back to school week for my boys (Liz is starting next week, maybe after labor day a lot of my homeschooling friends are starting after labor day that sounds good right now!) tons of mops stuff to do, house stuff of course, laundry, Lilly learned to crawl out of her crib which makes me want to re do her whole room now and not to mention I got sick this week JOY. More than anything I need to get some alone time with God that has to be first! I bought a new devotional I want to start I will share more later.


please bare with me I will get back to posting I have lots to share. some ideas in my head I need to discuss a.s.a.p.: back to school and pre- k for Jakey! Dieting or my lack there of, balance, MOPS, home schooling, raising a teen daughter, new things at church, friendships, seasons, decorating and cleaning see lots to talk about I will get to it I promise.

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