Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back to school night

Well my boys are in 3rd and 4Th grade this year and so far are really loving it!
A couple of weeks ago we had back to school night and it was nice to go see what the boys have been up to at school.
David's teacher had the kids have there room all decorated and lots of work to look through

I took Lilly with me because John dropped off at football and went to cub scouts with Jake and Johnathan. Lilly loved it

This is Johnathan's desk and yes there is a dirty sock in there

My boys go to a gorgeous school! It's the oldest elementary school in our town that is still in use. It has been modernized in the inside obviously but the outside still has cool brick every where. I went to this same school from 4Th-6Th grade
here is the kindergarten classes and playground, Jake will attend here next year he is going to love it!
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