Thursday, September 29, 2011


Well something new for us this year is football!
David had said he wanted to play last year and I looked into a few different options and we decided on a league that had tackle football and was not as hard core as some of the other local leagues that require practices every day starting in June and that allow all the kids some playing time.

Well we ended up on a team that did require quite a bit of practice BUT it has been so rewarding because David has really improved. Our coaches are dedicated and spend a lot of time helping these boys become good football players.
The only down side is our practices are ALL the way across town so John goes to take him to practice and ends up staying for the whole practice since by the time he would drive half an hour to get there, drive back home and be here maybe 30 minutes before heading back seems silly, so it 2 nights of our week with John and David gone and then one night they have a game.

David is pretty quick and aggressive he is really enjoying it.
Johnathan had no desire to play when i mentioned it he wants to do karate or chess =)
when he went with me to a game he said "oh this is tackle football" i said yes he says "i am SOOO glad i didn't play!!" ha!

I may be partial but dang that is one good looking 9 year old boy!
he hates when i tell him he is good looking ;)

he is also pretty stinky after a game YUCK!
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