Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jake is 4

OK a little late, but better than never right?
Jake turned 4 on June 4th.
he is as sweet as can be. I love this boy so much he melts my heart

Jake you are such a sweet boy. At age 4
  • you love your mommy, but daddy is sure cool lately
  • you love to be outside
  • you sweat a lot
  • you love your sisters, both of them you will play anything Lilly wants to play and snuggle with Liz constantly
  • your brothers are pretty awesome and i can see you wanting to mimic all the things they do lately
  • you are a little bashful, but once out of your shell you are a ham
  • you love cereal, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches more than any other food.
  • you are a good sleeper usually from about 8-8 every day. no more regularly scheduled naps though
  • you can not wait to go to preschool in August, you tell me all about it on a regular basis
  • you have some cool friends and i love watching you interact with them
  • you love church
  • you absorb everything right now and you ask a lot of questions
  • you love to dance and sing
We love you

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