Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend wrap up

I miss doing these weekend wrap ups so i decided i would start them up again since that is when we tend to spend lots of time together. I took a few pictures this weekend and i can not find my camera cord anywhere, which is so odd because i don't tend to move it from my camera bag ever, so this one will be minus pics.

***speaking of pictures i have a question fr those of you who scrapbook. I have been wanting to get back into scrap booking and not sure how to tackle it (i have 1 book for my 12 year old up to about age 4 HA!) so do you scrapbook chronologically, by theme, each kid separately, family books what??? i am thinking of maybe scrap booking by the year (start current and working back) but then also have a book for each kid with bigger things for that kid and special memories. what do you think??

Friday i decided to take Liz and the little kids to lunch at a new burger spot in town (juicy burger) i love a good burger so i was exited to try this place. i was excited because we went in and it smelled so good and there was a lot of people there but i was a bit disappointed. i think the meat is mixed with sausage because it had a really strong flavor to me i wanted to dip my burger in syrup hmm that may not be bad actually... the fries were crispy and a little salty i am a fan of a soggy fry so i didn't like these i LOVE fries i think i could live on fries and cold ketchup and a Pepsi (but i am sure that how i got overweight so i try to refrain). I have been trying to think of things we can do to get out of the house more since Liz told me she enjoys homeschooling but doesn't like being home all.the.time. later that day i went and got my nails done (so cute!)

lastly that evening i went to a women's "retreat" at my church and it was so good, we had a yummy dinner they had a few tables set up where you could shop for a cause (i bought a cute bag from here) the speaker for the evening was so good! she spoke on your identity in Christ and how we see ourselves, one thing that really stood out to me that she said was that why do you keep worrying about yesterday's problems God has already forgiven and forgotten about it and why worry about tomorrow because he is already got it under control, but we continue to hang on to those things instead of focusing on what is happening now....

Saturday we got up early and watched Liz in her first volleyball tournament, it was so fun! She was a little nervous but she did great! that afternoon John and i went on a spur of the moment date we had lunch at olive garden then went to the mall (i KNOW!) and bought John surround sound he has been wanting that was fun! that evening we had dinner and watched how to train your dragon with the kids it was a perfect day. oh we even danced and sang in the living room, Lilly was getting her dance on to Chris Tomlin so cute!

Sunday we did nothing or i mean i did, i had to have a clear liquid diet and drink some nasty stuff for some testing i had done today and that was not fun so i tried to sleep the day away i was fairly successful at that i did get some cleaning done and the fam went to church and watched several movies. sorry if i bored you to death, i want to remember what we did on a normal weekend....

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