Wednesday, March 30, 2011


{one} if you won a trip to Disneyland/world, who would you take with you? Johnnie and the kids. But we don't really love Disneyland so it wouldn't be my dream vacation.

{two} when was the last time you listened to a CD?

Well in my car my CD player is broke so we just listen to the radio. but i did make John a CD of songs i bought on itunes since the poor guy does not own a ipod =(

{three} what spice/seasoning is your favorite? Cumin i love the smokiness!!!

{four} if you were in a band, what kind of music would you play?

ummm... i am not musically inclined at all so i cant even imagine

{five} if you could have personally witnessed one historical event, which one would it be? Oh man i have no idea probably witness some of the miracles Jesus performed!

{six} if you could go back to school, what would you study? At this point in my life i would have no desire to go to traditional college BUT if i could go to culinary school that would be amazing!

{seven} if you could go to one sporting event, all expenses paid, which one would you see? The Summer Olympics!!!

{eight} do you drive an automatic or a manual? Automatic… I LOVE it!

you would not want to see me drive a manual

{nine} are you comfortable speaking in front of people? Love it! Someday i would love to share some of my experiences with women on a regular basis

{ten} have you ever experienced an earthquake? I live in California lol, so yes but nothing major thank God

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