Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekend Recap

well this is later in the week but I did not want to not post it because we had a fabulous weekend! Friday Liz and I headed down south to celebrate her bday. We have never been on a trip just her and I and it was definitely a great trip, it was Liz’s bday weekend and she was turning 13 (!!!!) On our drive we listened to passport to purity cd’s and I would definitely recommend them to all you moms out there to do this with your daughter it was such good conversations most people do it a little younger and I think that is good especially if you have girls going to junior high because they will hear a lot from friends and you want those communication lines open early, I already told John to start planning his getaways with our boys when they turn like 11 HA! 


Friday we went and saw Wicked and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOO good! I have been wanting to see it for a quite a while and it did not disappoint, well the guy who sat next to me and smelled like alcohol was somewhat disappointing but the show itself was fabulous!



Before the show that day we went and did our favorite thing shopped! it was fun and orange county/LA is so much more fun to shop in so much more selection and variety.

Saturday we went to the OC swap meet, a mall an Ikea yup pretty much perfect day ;)

We stayed at a double tree and it was seriously the most comfortable bed who knew! Liz loved stayuing in a hotel (being a family of 7 we don’t vacation in hotels often lol)


We ate quite a bit and that I always fun, especially when you only have to pay for 2 people that makes it much easier to order what you want


Sunday we continued the celebration and we went to pizza with the rest of the family and Liz was so excited because she FINALLY got a cell phone she is officially a teen =)


We are so thankful for such a great daughter! Liz is not your typical 13 year old she is kind, quiet and responsible. She is a great big sister and takes a active part in our family without complaining (most of the time =)) but most importantly she loves the Lord and she strives to do what is right and pleasing to him God sure did bless us with a amazing young lady

We love you Liz!

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  1. Sounds great Raquel, I can't wait to do this with my girls!