Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Cleaning

well i have been in a cleaning funk lately oh sure i do the basics and if you stopped by you would think my house was clean BUT if you opened a cabinet or closet door you would think other wise. i was wondering when the spring cleaning bug would hit and well TODAY!
We had some yard work done which made me long for outdoor parties/ picnics so i am hoping to get the rest of the yards finished up this weekend so we can take a load of junk to the dump. Which makes me want to rid my house all unnecessary trash and junk.
This afternoon i have done the boys rooms, and i did the hall closets earlier this week but there is lots to do. One of my favorite blogs Clover Lane
is getting rid of 40 bags in the 40 days of lent so i think i am wanting to do something similar. We have toooooo much junk. I will deep clean each room at the same time So this is my checklist if anyone cares other than me
  1. big boys room
  2. Jake's room
  3. Liz room/bathroom
  4. hall closets (3)
  5. front bathroom
  6. Lilly's room
  7. entry way
  8. entry closet
  9. formal living room
  10. kitchen
  11. dining room
  12. family room
  13. laundry room
  14. my room
  15. my closet
  16. my bathroom
  17. school room
  18. school room closet
  19. shed
  20. yards
I will try to take pics along the way but once i get going on these projects i rarely come up for air until they are done. With the weather changing i have so many projects i want to do around here so cleaning and purging is the first logical step right? So are you spring cleaning?

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  1. I have been feeling the same way over here, just getting basics done and now I have a lot to do for spring cleaning. Yesterday I got our school area done and it feels so good. Next is my room! My closet is so bad, stuff falls out of it when I open it!