Sunday, March 20, 2011

Phone Pictures

The other day i realized i take tons of pictures on my phone. Some.. OK most are of my kids but others are just random observations i see when out or things i need to remember etc. I thought i would post a few on here (hey i have been on a blogging slump so i am trying to get my consistency better)

my new hair cut and color. I love it i hope to be a red head someday

OK do you all have these people around your towns? this lady cracked me up! My kids were so amused too but at times i told them to turn there heads because she was a little to raunchy.

She caught me taking pictures and gave lots of smiles and waves. She was a nice clown/statue of liberty/ wanna be dancer...

a tender moment with daddy i love that she is holding her baby.

I want a big hat like this for my Cruise haha! i am not even joking, this one the brim was bent or i would have bought it. this picture also reminds me that we do not have a full mirror in our house so if i want to see my outfit i have Liz take a picture of me and i look at my clothes, is that not crazy haha obviously we are not vain... or well dressed HA!

I love these leather cuffs don't you? definitely a trend i love BUT these are between $10-12 EACH and i like about 10 of them so that is not going to happen boo. i went to forever 21 to see if they had any but they did not boo.

fun at the park. my girl has grown so much!

i couldn't help but laugh it really was hilarious

OK this was the most funny thing EVER i was in the sauna at the gym and there were several people in the small room and i look up and the guy next to me stands up and starts using a shake it weight. i literally almost peed my pants. he did about 5 different moves and i was dying the entire time, i texted some friends i don't think they believed me and asked me to take pictures so i did.

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  1. RAQUELLY!!!! I seriously have the belly laughs right now!! This whole post just made me CRACK up!! I love you Raquel!!
    Love the J-Lo could totally rock that!!