Wednesday, January 19, 2011

THE wall.. sneak peak

When we first looked at this house this is what we saw when we entered the family room... i know i cant believe we bought this house some times. The wall had a horrible set of "built in" shelves, horrible lights, horrible carpet (with even more horrible RED linoleum flooring underneath) and not to forget a HUGE hole in the middle of it that looked in to the game room/ lets BBQ in the house room (yes a BBQ grill built inside of the room next to a fireplace??) BTW this is now are room and no longer has BBQ grill i need to show you that room makeover sometime if i ever finish in there =)
So this room was most definitely a priority to do when we bought the house because we were going to be spending a lot of time. How much better does this look with just the shelves ripped out, the wall up and new carpet and lights (ignore the horrible Capri length curtains it was stressful time i just grabbed some at Target and threw them up)

WELL it looked better BUT the big wall has always been a eye sore to me. How do you decorate with that huge of a wall of empty space. We love our TV on this wall it works the best but the wall was so large in comparison to out TV of course.

So my lovely and always willing to do a cool project hubby got to work one Saturday a few weeks ago. I told him my idea for a new wall entertainment center, he drew it out, measured, took several trips to Lowes and sure did use a bunch of tools. With only a few snags in the road he got it done in about 2.5 weeks only doing it on the weekends and a few nights after work.

I can not wait to show you it is AMAZING!
I am waiting on a couple of prints i ordered then i will show you the final project!!!
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