Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Park Days

If you have known me for anything length of time you know i am not much of a park mom. i mean i like my kids to run off lots of energy at the park but sometimes they run off and i tend to chase them around into the street or the fact that sometimes there is just strange people at the park. But part of my 101 goals in 1001 days was to take the kids to the park once a week for 6 weeks. so far we have done 3! which is amazing for me, actually 1 of the times was chuck e cheese but i am counting it because they run off from me there too haha!

Jake loves the park he likes to roam and check out people.
Lilly had a rough day first she fell and hit her forehead on a concrete bench because she missed it with her little hand when she went to grab on. then in this picture i had taken a nasty spoon away that she found on the ground and put in her mouth ewwww
my friend commented that you know a mom of several kids when her child throws a fit and the mom busts out the camera, true lol....

This was so fun because we met some friends at the park and my boys had a great time running around with all the older kids.

These are my 2 good friends Lynette and Emily

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