Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Camera

Johnnie got me the most amazing camera for Christmas i am in love with it!
Is is a Canon T2i and the pictures are so nice!

I have only used it on auto so far lol. Well actually i have messed with different settings but have no idea what any of them are.
So i signed up to take a photography class at a local place next week it is only 3 classes and i am sure it will teach me how to get out of Auto
I love how the colors just pop.
I have always wanted to learn how to take good pictures so i think this will be my year for that =)

This is on a different setting and i cant figure out why when i am not in Auto it only takes pictures in black and white although i do love the black and white!

Lilly doesn't understand either i guess =)

I cant wait to learn and post a lot more pictures!
thanks Johnnie!
anyone have any photography tips for me?
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  1. cute photos.(your kids have grown so much).
    enjoy your camera. I took a class last year and I'm thinking of doing another one, with actually going out and taking photo's together. The class I took was all the technical stuff like apertures and tripods etc, etc.