Thursday, January 6, 2011

My 2011 Goals

I thought i posted these, i KNOW i wrote a post i am wondering if i shut the computer down without saving it because it is know where to be found hmmmm..... Well anyhow here are my goals i am sure i can accomplish these or at least try =)

Walk with God/Ministry/ Serving Others-

  • complete at least 2 bible studies
  • spend more time praying for others needs (work on that prayer journal)
  • get together with my family more
  • find a ministry to serve in
  • get actively involved in our small group (just starting up)


  • encourage John in his interests
  • continue with date nights as a priority
  • go away for at least one night
  • pray for ministry opportunities and ways for him to serve in church


  • work on manners and attitude
  • have fun do some active things as a family (incorporate family nights again, more consistently)
  • find ways for the kids to serve others
  • celebrate milestones especially birthdays!!!


  • get involved with women at my church try to meet and get to know women there
  • take time to actually connect with friends in person!!
  • do something fun and out of the ordinary with my friends


  • get to 175 by June!
  • cut back on junk to only once a week
  • workout 4 times a week
  • unspoken


  • start a Christmas club account
  • check our credit and pay anything on it off
  • refinance to a 15 year loan -hoping and praying!!!

home keeping-

  • add some color to the house, redo family room to how i envision it in my mind (comfortable, fun, warm, relaxing)
  • go through every drawer, closet, room, nook etc and purge what we don't use
  • keep house welcoming and tidy
  • go through the home goals list


  • wear clothes that fit well
  • do hair and make up if i go out especially if on a date with Johnnie
  • read more books


  • learn to use my camera (take a class)
  • do some home projects (entertainment center, yard pretty, etc)
  • try some new recipes/foods


  • plan my weeks earlier
  • read more
  • research curriculum
  • plan for the next year much better (and earlier)

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