Thursday, January 6, 2011

Home Goals

Well funny i just listed my goals for the new year and then i saw this post on Nester's blog with a linky party for our home goals. i had written out my home goals today! so it must be meant to be to participate =))) GO here to see lots more posts.

Our house was built in the 50's we have done a lot of projects from a complete kitchen overhaul to small projects like my daughters bathroom. i think when you live in a old home there is ALWAYS a project to do and especially when you have 5 kids and live in a old house. So i want to do several projects this year and here is a list of the things i want to focus on (i am sure my husband is reading this and shaking his head =)) So stay tuned for lots of activities going on here

13 things i want to do around the house this year (house goals)
  1. redo family room (finish entertainment center, add color, have carpets cleaned, just redo the whole thing) no major purchases required maybe just paint, accessories (and i have a nice pier 1 gift card for that)
  2. redo Liz's room- paint walls, paint bed?, curtains. she got new bedding for Christmas so going for a more "teen style" boohoo
  3. finish my room- baseboards, trim, find a dresser (been looking for a year!), something creative for headboard, ***wish list new TV
  4. front bathroom- new vanity, paint?, wish list- new flooring/tile
  5. kitchen- display some cookbooks get rid of what i don't need, find a nook (been looking!), purge what i don't use
  6. boys rooms- something on walls, curtains
  7. laundry room- get front loaders (stack them) have more organization in there
  8. hallway- repaint and hang pictures
  9. Lilly room- hang up shelves for display
  10. front yard- plant some nice flowers, keep cleaned especially by school room where the kids shove there skateboards/pogo sticks
  11. back- shall i begin.. clean side yard, clean shed, clean patio neat get rid of all junk we don't use, plant some flowers, water grass by pool so it grows, find some lounge chairs for pool area, trim trees ***wish list- new cement
  12. clean all closets out get rid of what we don't love
  13. my bathroom- i hate it i want to redo the whole thing... doubt that will happen =)


  1. It'll be fun to see all the projects. Teen rooms can be fun, too. Extra bonus with kids getting older is you can reclaim a couple of nights for yourself. We just had our older son babysit his brother for the first time last month so that we could go to a Christmas party. We were (pleasantly) shocked to find both boys asleep in bed, in pjs, teeth brushed, etc. when we got home.

    You're better than I am, I've tried to get rid of cookbooks, but can't seem to part with any.

  2. Can't wait to see the kitchen overhaul...Post lots of pictures so we can see your progress. Thanks for sharing at the Nesting Place.

  3. Greetings! My goal is to wake up tomorrow! :)
    Glad to see you are so inspired, you will be so happy when all of your goals are met!
    Best regards,