Sunday, January 2, 2011

Before i bust out this years list

I thought i would update a little on how the past year went. I am so proud that i accomplished a lot of my goals for 2010, i have to write something out and see it visually in order to do it. That is why i was so specific. completed/notes are in red......

oh but first i will share a few highlights from 2010 that are memorable and important to me

my 13 highlights of 2010
1. going on a diet/ losing weight/ joining the gym and John doing it too!!!!. and getting to know Kelley and Danielle so well in the process my number 1 thing of the year by far
2. all of us going to Disneyland and spending less then $20 haha
3. mine and Johns trip to Vegas, the best time ever!!!!! and just our time together this year God has really blessed me with a amazing husband who is a amazing provider and the most selfless person i know i am blessed
4. homeschooling- finally doing it , liking it most days haha.. and putting my school room together and most importantly in this is the support and network of friends who are in there with me!
5. OUR NEW CHURCH praise God for he is so good and answered big prayers , and my new MOPS group a great group of people...
6. (this one is not necessarily a highlight but a huge part of this last year) not leading MOPS anymore/ relationships with friends changing- this was my lowest point in my life other than Matthew dying it was sad and painful and totally miserable at times but i KNOW God used this to teach me a lot. Mainly sometimes we have to let go of something good to receive something great....
7. fun times with friends (taking the trip to see Belinda, those lake visits with Tara's family, day trip to the beach,breakfast at Tiff's house, Murray farms etc etc)
8. my day in LA for my bday, and John and I going back for the day a few weeks ago i love big cities!
9. playing games with the kids, and fun family times in general this was a year really about our family coming together on our own if that makes sense
10. Liz getting involved actively in the youth group/ small groups and John and i joining a small group AMAZING, boys in Awanas and cub scouts etc!
11. having fun things at our house (Alexis' baby shower, Thanksgiving, Christmas, parties etc) LOVE this
12. mommy bible study Tara started
13. Christmas at our house, the holidays in general they have been a sweet time. and i love that my brother was reunited with his girls after a LONG time

Now onto those 2010 goals
read the word more ( i have got so lazy about this) - did better but this area is going to be at the top of the list this year
make a prayer journal- keep it updated - i did make it, maybe i will use it this year lol
memorize a minimum of 6 verses- YES!!! and memorized several more! homeschooling helped lol

(4 here) i put our marriage pretty much front and center and John seems to have too so this has been great and easy to accomplish these this year. it has seriously helped Liz can baby-sit for a few hours now

support Johnnie's interest and encourage him to pursue them
support each other in weight loss we need to do this for our family!!!
date night every other month (have tried every month doesn't work for us having 5 kids we don't have that sort of babysitting or extra cash)
go out of town together at least once


start chore charts and allowance -chore charts have been awesome! really helpful! allowance i haven't been good at
read with kids, less TV!!!
have kid nights again (we used to do this we would play games, let them pick dinner watch movies etc and we have got out of the habit!)- so so on this one we have done a lot more family stuff but not specifically kids nights again


more fun (stop saying it and start scheduling it!!)
get healthy (with food and activities!)
less yelling (i am so a yeller i need to work on this)- i think at times i have gotten so much better with this.other times i suck at it BUT i do notice it more

i have done well at this i want to be a better friend this upcoming year but sometimes it is a lot of effort to have strong friendships and not always reciprocated (sp?) kwim

make time for more fun with friends
attend MNO's and meet new moms
don't feel guilty about making time for my friends!!!


learn to bake bread (i think this is my 3rd year this is on this list!) well i wont turn this to red BUT in our defense we pretty much gave up bread hahaha
learn to take better pictures and actually start developing and organizing them in progress!!
learn to sew (Liz may have to teach me lol)- didn't even try =(


lose 60 pounds i mean really 5 pounds a month i can totally do that i hope!
drink water
start walking

i suck at this section

sit down and write out a budget with all bills and figure out a grocery budget that works - well we did this but it didn't always work so well lol
start a Christmas club account =(((
start saving something!!! =(((((

Home keeping:

purge purge purge what we don't need!
go through household list monthly and update- i accomplished as much as i could on my long list i think i did ok, the stuff i couldn't do came down to $$$ or time or both
deep clean house once a week


schedule hair cut at least 4 times, color hair regularly- did it 3 times that was great for me i am counting it lol
keeps hands and feet nice and manicured-
do hair and make up and actually get dressed when going out somewhere (school doesn't count! HA!)


  1. You always amaze me my friend!! I love you and miss you somethin' fierce!! :)

  2. I love your highlights for 2010, I'm sorry that your relationships changed and that was a low point for you but I love your attitude.
    And well done on achieving your goals!
    Best wishes for the New Year - to you and your family.