Sunday, January 2, 2011

A little project

OK this is a quick little project i did
i bought these 2 buffet amps off a lady on Craigslist who i bought my kitchen table from. i purchased several items from her for next to nothing. i Love these lamps. i just hated them on my mantle. i wasn't sure where to put them though since there are little hands reaching for everything here and i didn't want them broken.

Well John left for a trip to Oklahoma early the day after Christmas so i begun tearing the house apart and putting everything away.

one thing about me as much as i Love Christmas, once it is over i am pretty much over it and pack up everything for next November

Well amongst moving things around i decided to try the lamps in my entry way since the light over the the area is not working(as in when i hit the switch you smell burning and see sparks yikes!)
and guess what i love them there! such a quick and easy fix and no money spent

sometimes the best decorating tip is to just move things around and try them in other places.

oh and now my mantle needs help it has nothing on it but a lamp that doesn't belong...

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  1. your house looks great.
    I am always moving things around my house too.