Sunday, January 2, 2011

Family Time

Usually on Christmas we spend the day relaxing at home and then in the evening my family comes over for dinner. Johnnie usually cooks a bomb prime rib and we make a bunch of other great stuff including tamales my mom makes which are soo good (i had way to many tamales this year!)
Liz took this picture

Lilly in her Christmas dress that our friend passed down from her daughter, obviously Lilly loved that dress too. i love pictures of her walking

Some of the girls in the family. My sister Becky and brother in law Curt and her two kids and all of there families live in Idaho so they were not here for the Holidays =(

Just some of the fun going on
My niece Alexis and her family (she had her baby a few days after Christmas so it was cool to get a few pictures of there family of 4 before baby)
The most incredible thing happened on Christmas and we all got to be part of it. My brother reunited with his 2 adult daughters (age 22, and 21 i think that is right i am not good at math ha ha) anyhow they hadn't seen one another for years. and none of us had seen them in a very long time. I was like 8 i think when Carissa the oldest was born and when my brother divorced i was still fairly young (maybe 12? maybe) anyways i was young so i never have known these girls other than through facebook as a adult and man i missed out on a lot, they are so gorgeous and smart and our entire family really missed out.

I hate divorce. i hate what it is does to families. i hate what it does to kids involved. i hate how it divides people. i hate that parents don't generally get along. i hate it. period. i don't care what anyone says it sucks. being a person who's parents divorced i have every right to say that.
sorry off my soapbox....
here is my brother with his 2 daughters and his 2 sons i Love this picture i love that there was a beginning of a mending of relationships. it has to start somewhere and i am so glad it started on Christmas this year, what a gift!

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