Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Morning

Yes i realize Christmas was over a week ago but i want to update this for my memories still =)
The kids woke up around 7 or so well Jake and Liz did and we had to wake the others. but once they realized Santa had showed up it was excitement all the way around.

I am so glad Santa thought to combine the read older kids gift and bring them a computer because our school space really needed one. Santa is so cool like that! The kids were a little excited
Stocking time was fun. All three of my boys requested there own big package of donuts for Christmas so i obliged and it turned out to be a GREAT idea because they ate while they opened and then we didn't have to cook that much food when it was time for a "real" meal. Have i ever mentioned how much i hate the smell of breakfast food stinking up the house and my wonderful husband knows this so he cooks it outside on the burner of his grill, i love him for that (and so much more obviously)

my kids all asked for snuggies. David even mentioned on the way home for the grandparents the night before " i got a pogo stick and a tony hawk skateboard all that is left is my snuggie and this will be the BEST Christmas EVER" hilarious i tell ya. but they are big hit all the kids are enjoying them

Santa brought Jake a leapster and he is a little obsessed with it so far, he got Dora and a toy story 3 game and he is really enjoying them...

Lilly decided to join us at about 8:30 and i was so glad she slept in because she would have been a crank otherwise. instead she was so fun and cuddly and loved all her presents. She loved the baby alive we got her and it bounces like she does in her crib.

I always like to have a picture of all the real life going on Christmas morning so here it is. That's me playing with my new baby Johnnie got me my camear oh my i LOVE it!

We were truly blessed with so much this year (good health, family, clothes, and some really fun things too) God is good!!!

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