Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Traditions

With our kids getting older we are having fun coming up with some new traditions that we can get out and do, and that they can give us there opinions on. Earlier this year i asked the kids there favorite things that enjoy over the Christmas Holiday and they each told me a few things which got me thinking we should include them in making and coming up with traditions.
So some friends of ours have a church that has a live nativity and we planned to go last year and i am not sure why we didn't get to go last year but we didn't so this year i bookmarked the dates in my mind so i wouldn't forget. So we headed there in the pouring rain, and it did not disappoint i was so glad we went and it was beautiful and my whole family enjoyed it!
Here are the boys holding up there coins to pay the tax collector to enter =)

Afterwards we headed to a local ice cream shop, because what goes better with tons of rain but ice cream right.
Well the kids thought so and they all loved the night!
After that we headed to look at lights but............
all the streets were flooded and we couldn't get through. This has been the rainiest December in our town in history, us Californians are not that used to this crazy weather i for one love it!
We are having a great time making memories this season are you? trying anything new this year?
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